Saltwater Croc Hooks
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Saltwater Croc Hooks

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For 2022, I set myself the goal to make (at least) one new design each month. There's a list of ideas that I've had and written down that's a few pages long and I often stare at it not knowing where to start (and also being too scared to!).
So here is September's New Design - the magnificent Saltwater Croc.

These beauties are a fixture of FNQ life and it truly is breathtaking to see them in the wild, especially swimming. And that's what I wanted to capture with these earrings - that gracefulness you see as they swim through the water. 
I did a lot of research into the colour/s of Salties and found so many photos of different shades of tan, etc. So I wanted to showcase that as well. 

The earring hooks are stainless steel, and each earring's total length is 10.5cm. 

Along with your earrings, you'll receive a card of how to best care for them.