Hey there!

My name's Bree (or Nundaii, I'll answer to both!) and I create everything you see here: I hand-make all the jewellery and snap all the nature photos myself. 
My jewellery and photography are driven by my Mission which is pretty simple, and one that I feel in the deepest parts of my core and being: 
I'm here to show the world that nature is easy to love. 
I have a passion for photography and a super creative spirit. I’ve always LOVED nature and animals and my calling is to help you reconnect with the natural world, as it’s so vital to our well-being.
This little biz started in 2019 but I've been a creative nature lover all my life. All the prints you'll find here are of nature and all the jewellery inspired by the wonders of the natural world. I draw a lot inspiration from my stomping ground of Cairns, Queensland but also other stunning areas around Australia. 
All the finished products you see start and finish with me. I draw out all jewellery creations first to reduce clay waste, and assemble them all with my two tattooed hands. I walk through the beautiful places around Far North Queensland and snap the best shots I can find, and construct the prints myself. 
What are you waiting for? Strengthen Your Nature Connection!