Store Policies

Privacy Policy

We don't like having my personal info given out to strangers, so we will never do this with your information. Ever. At all. 
Your personal information will only ever be used if you place an order or use the Contact form to send us a message. 
Your information will be kept safe once received, and only your basic information may be used, such as: 
- First and Last Name
- Phone Number
- Email
- Address

Your information will be stored on a secure password protected computer that only we have access to, and that is protected with antivirus software. You will never receive any spam messages from us, and if you have received an email from us in the past and don't want to receive these in the future, please let us know. Your information will always be kept safe, and we will only use what info we need to process your order or return your message.
If you ever have any questions or concerns about the information being held, please send us an email at


Custom Orders

If you would like a custom order, please send us a message with as many of the following details:
- Earrings Specs (e.g. Shape + Rough Length)
- Necklace Specs (e.g. Size of Pendant, Length of Necklace + Chain Type
- Any specific designs (e.g. Geometric Shapes, Flowers, Spirals & Dot-work, Colours, etc)
- Scenery Preferences (e.g. Landscape, Waterfall, Bird)
- Budget

The price of a custom item includes 1 x change.

We charge an extra $10 (EACH) per change requested after the initial 1 has been used.
A 50% non-refundable deposit of the total cost is required before your custom item will be created. 
There is a postage charge of $5 AUD within Australia - $15+ AUD O/S (depending on your location), so please also incorporate this into your total budget price. If you're not sure on the shipping price to your country, please contact us!
Please allow a 7-14 day turn around on custom pieces. Some pieces may be longer, depending on sourcing any required items. We will be in touch with you once you have put the order through and if we cannot find something you asked for, we can work out together the next best thing!

Once the item is created, you will have ONE week to finalize payment. If payment is not completed within this week, the item will be listed publicly and a refund will not be given.


Wholesale & Stockist Enquiries

We are ALWAYS open to wholesale orders and supplying stores with stock! It makes us so excited and happy to have our jewellery and prints in stores! 
Please send us a message if you are interested in a wholesale order or becoming a stockist. 


Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards
Bank Transfers

If you have a code to use when purchasing, please remember to use it as refunds of the discount amount will not be given.