Elf Cup Fungus Hooks
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Elf Cup Fungus Hooks

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For 2022, I set myself the goal to make (at least) one new design each month. There's a list of ideas that I've had and written down that's a few pages long and I often stare at it not knowing where to start (and also being too scared to!).
So here is May's New Design - one of the cutest fungi I've ever seen 🍄 (Elf Cups - Chlorociboria Genus) 

I wrote this design down into my "To Create" list since seeing a photo on CSIRO's Instagram and it's been collecting dust there ever since haha.

The earring hooks are stainless steel, and each earring's total length is just under 7.5cm. 

Along with your earrings, you'll receive a card of how to best care for them.