Trapezoid Monochrome Roses (Light Blue)
Trapezoid Monochrome Roses (Light Blue)
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Trapezoid Monochrome Roses (Light Blue)

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Sometimes I wake up at 2am with the thought of a new design. This time, it came in the form of the Collection's picture, rather than the design itself.
I had the thought to create a series of trapezoid shaped earrings, so I can lay them out all neat-like in a circle. 
I wanted a cool rainbow gradient, so I stared blankly at my clay colours for a solid 30 minutes until I remembered the monochrome rose cane I'd created. 

The earring hooks are stainless steel, and each earring's total length is just under 5.5cm. 

Along with your earrings, you'll receive a card of how to best care for them.