Summer Flame Tree Studs
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Summer Flame Tree Studs

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One of the most noteworthy Summer plants in FNQ is the Illawarra Flame Tree. They look like a normal green tree throughout the year and then in Spring and Summer they transform to be covered in bright red flowers and all the green disappears. You'll often see them standing out amid a sea of other green trees, like a bright red beacon.

The earring posts are stainless steel, and each earring's total length is just under 3.5cm. 

Along with your earrings, you'll receive a card of how to best care for them. 

IMPORTANT: I am now offering the option of NUT BACKS for your earrings! Due to Shopify Limitations, I cannot add this as a variant. If you would prefer NUT BACKS for your earrings instead of Standard Backs, please specify in the Checkout Notes.