Daintree River Crossing Print
Daintree River Crossing Print
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Daintree River Crossing Print

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The Daintree River is astonishing, one of the most readily recognized in FNQ. This is the start of the CREB Track in Far North Queensland. 

It's the first 10m of the CREB Track, but it still counts! 4WDing aside, this creek crossing is pretty stunning and makes for an amazing photo. 

This print is sized 7 x 5", inside a mat board that is 10 x 8". The print is kept safe inside a resealable sleeve.

Along with the print, you'll receive a bit of information about caring for the print and mat. 

Please Note: Taking photos of prints isn't without its challenges! A second image has been uploaded of the original photo which shows the colours more true-to-form, and the vibrant photo you'll receive.